Trike Conversi on Kits For Soft ail Models

Paughco Trike Conversion Kits For Softail Models
Turn your 1986-up Softail model into a trike, and enjoy all the benefits that
having a third wheel provides. These conversion kits are very affordable,
and can be installed in stages, if necessary. All of these components are
designed to work seamlessly together.
• Mix and match the swingarms and axle assemblies to fit 1986
thru 2015 Softails (except Rocker, Cross Bones and Blackline
models). Models equipped with ABS brakes will need to have
the ABS system removed prior to installation
• US-made Paughco axle assemblies with posi-traction non-slip differential
• No cutting or welding of your frame is required, and the swingarm
mounts to existing swingarm pivot and shock locations
• Gloss black powdercoated axle assemblies and raw steel swingarms
• Uses readily available wheels with GM/Chevy 5 x 4.75" bolt pattern
(sold separately)
• Axle assemblies include brake calipers and rotors

These kits include a special trike swingarm, mounting plates and hardware.
153TSTE Kit for 1986–1999 Softails
153TSTL Kit for 2000–2007 Softails
153TSTLW Kit for 2008–2015 Softails (except Rocker, Cross Bones and
Blackline models). Models equipped with ABS brakes must have
the ABS brake system removed prior to installation
The housings are constructed from precision cut and welded 1" x 4" and 1"
x 2½" rectangular tubing, while the axle tubes are made from 2⅜"-diameter
thick wall tubing. The CNC-machined solid steel gear housing holds US-made
Dana 44 spider gears. This is the strongest trike axle available today. Also
featured are automotive-style Timken-type splined wheel hubs. Black Wilwood
two-piston calipers mate with 11.09"-diameter rotors. Axle assemblies are
shipped with a gloss black powdercoated finish. Axles measure 41⅝" from
hub-to-hub, and require the use of 15" x 6" wheels with 2¾" backspace and
GM/Chevy 12mm x 1.5mm pitch lug nuts (sold separately – see below).
PTA-7 Fits 1986–1994 Softails (70-tooth, 1½"-wide pulley)
PTA-11 Fits 1995–1999 Softails (65-tooth, 1½"-wide pulley)
PTA-8 Fits 2000–2006 Softails (70-tooth, 1"-wide pulley)
PTA-10 Fits 2007–2015 Softails (66-tooth, 1"-wide pulley)

Axle Installation Notes: The ABS brake system must be removed on
models that are so equipped, before installation. 1993 Softails with stock
61-tooth rear pulleys and 128-tooth belts, must change to a 132-tooth rear
belt (OEM 40023-86), but your top speed will be reduced. When installing a
PTA-8 on 2006 Softails with a 20mm rear drive belt, we strongly recommend
that you change it to a 11/8"-wide, 135-tooth rear drive belt (OEM 40307-00).
When installing a PTA-10 on 2007–2015 Softails, we strongly recommend
that you change your stock 20mm, 24mm or 1" rear drive belt to a 11/8"-wide,
133-tooth rear drive belt (OEM 40015-00). See catalog page 24.

Specially-made 41mm top and bottom triple trees with 6° of rake required to
increase stability when converting your two-wheeler to a trike. Sold in sets.
02-327 Chrome 6° trees for FX Softails (external fork stops)
02-322 Chrome 6° trees for FX Softails (internal fork stops)
02-331 6° trees with external fork stops for FL Softails (top tree is
chromed and bottom tree is highly polished). Includes fork
tube insert plugs and longer fork slider covers
Specially-made steering dampeners kitted with mounting brackets and hardware
for each specific application. They feature adjustable dampeners with
seven different resistance settings to help stop unwanted fork wobbles.
17-153 Fits 1986–1999 Evolution FX Softail models
17-156 Fits 2000-up FX Softail models with 41mm fork tube
17-161 Fits 1986-up FL Softail models
These US-made automotive-style steel rims have a GM/Chevy 5 x 4.75" bolt
pattern and use 195/65R x 15" tires.
06-202 Unpainted 15" x 6" rim (2¾" backspace) sold each
06-202B Black 15" x 6" rim (2¾" backspace) sold each
06-202C Chrome 15" x 6" rim (2¾" backspace) sold each
PTA-LN Wheel lug nuts (pack of 10)
06-202HC Chrome-plated ‘Baby Moon’ hub cap (sold each)
06-202TR Chrome-plated wheel trim ring (sold each)
The fenders measure 8½"-wide and 42"-long, and clamp onto the axle tube
housings of the axle assemblies. The fenders mount to the support brackets
with buttonhead screws, but can easily be welded in place and smoothed
over if desired. May only be used with 195/65R x 15" tires. Sold in sets.
PTF-1 Raw steel finish for US-made axle
PTF-1B Black powdercoat finish for US-made axle

Current build times for the following products: (Frames 4-10 weeks)(Springers 2-8 weeks)(Some exhaust 2-8 weeks)(Trikes 8-12 weeks). A 20% non-refundable cancelation charge applies after a build authorization phone call for Frames, Springer, and Trikes. check box to agree to the above Terms & Conditions ☑️. Now you can add to cart!

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