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Tappet Components And Engine Nuts

Sold each unless noted otherwise

928 Solid lifter kit for stock hydraulic adjustable pushrods (set of 4)

18534-29A Tappet roller kit (Torrington) for 45" engines, 1929–1984 Big Twins and 1952–1985 Sportsters

18554-57 Tappet screw ONLY for 1957–1985 Sportsters

18555-36 Tappet screw ONLY for 1936–1984 OHV Big Twins (except Evolution)

18556-57 Hydraulic tappet adjusting screw for 1957–1984

18570-38 Split tappet nuts for 1938–1984 OHV Big Twins (except Evolution) and 1957–1985 Sportsters (set of 4)

24003-30 Early engine sprocket nut for 1930–1954 Big Twins

24003-55 Late engine sprocket nut for 1955–1990 Big Twins without compensating sprocket

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