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Replacement Parts For Paughco And HD Springers (Studs)

A selection of the most commonly replaced parts on most Paughco and stock HD Springer forks. Sold in pairs unless noted otherwise.

166 Acorn nuts for all Paughco Springers and early HD Springers with 1/2"–20 thread pitch (OEM 45648-36)

165 Spring rod top nuts for early HD Springers (OEM 45647-36)

165-1 Spring rod top nuts for Paughco Springers with shocks

165-2 Spring locators for all Paughco Springer front legs

164 Spring rods for Paughco Springers without shocks (11."-long overall)

164-1 Spring rods for shock-style Springers – 12."-long overall (not shown)

167 Spring rod balls for HD Big Twin and 45" Springers

169 Rocker studs for pre–1948 HD Big Twin Springers with 1/2"–20 thread pitch (set of 4)

169B Rocker studs with 1/2"–20 thread pitch for Paughco Springers (set of 4)

169C Rocker studs with 1/2"–20 thread pitch for Paughco wide Springers when using Paughco #’s 135EP and 135EPB front fenders for 1936–1948 Big Twins (set of 4) not shown

Rockers are drop forged and chrome-plated, and come with bushings pre-installed. Sold in pairs.

168 With 5/8" axle holes for Paughco or HD 45" Springers

168-1 With 3/4" axle holes for use with all 3/4" Paughco axles and axle kits (see axles on pages 118-120)

168A Rocker bushings for use with Paughco #168 and #168-1 rockers ONLY (set of 4)

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