Replacement Parts For Early Clutches

A wide selection of parts for the ‘dry’ and ‘diaphragm’ clutches used from 1936–1989.

219D Oil deflector plate for 1939–1964 transmissions (OEM 35159-39)

219D1 Oil slinger for late 1975–early 1984 Big Twins (OEM 37228-75)

219E Mainshaft lockwasher for 1936–early 1984 (OEM 35216-36)

219F Left-hand thread mainshaft lock nut for 1936–up Big Twins and Sportsters (OEM 35211-36)

924 Releasing disc for 1941–early 1984 Big Twins (OEM 37871-41)

924C Pressure plate for 1941–early 1984 Big Twins (OEM 38010-41)

925 Bearing retainer for 1941–early 1984 Big Twins (OEM 37576-41)

925A Roller bearings for 1941–early 1984 Big Twins (set of 20) OEM 9540A

925B Roller bearing cage for 1941–early 1984 Big Twins (OEM 37566-58)

925C Bearing plate tapered springs for 1941–early 1984 Big Twins and 45’s (set of 3) OEM 37574-44

925D Clutch hub stud nuts for 1936–early 1984 Big Twins (set of 3) OEM 37581-47

926 Clutch springs for 1968–early 1984 Big Twins (set of 10) OEM 37077-68

926A Clutch springs for 1941–1967 Big Twins (set of 10) OEM 38077-41

37496-41 Clutch hub nut for 1937–early 1984 Big Twins (sold each)

37496-84 Mainshaft nut (clutch side) for 1984–1989 Big Twins (sold each)

37523-15 Clutch hub keys for 1915–early 1984 clutches (pack of 10)

37583-41 Long clutch hub stud for 1941–early 1984 Big Twins (sold each)

37585-41 Short clutch hub stud for 1941–early 1984 Big Twins (sold each)

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