Paughco Swingarm Frames For 1986 Thru 2003 Evolution Sportsters

These frames are a practical solution for adding a classic ‘Chopper’ look by taking your stock XL and adding more stretch and neck rake. All stock component parts bolt right back onto the frame. Simply choose a new tank and a longer Paughco Springer front end, or extend your stock forks if desired. Create your own unique bike to your own personal taste, quickly and easily. All mounting tabs are included (except for the tank mounts on frames that have any stretch in the backbone). The stock swingarm, fenders, struts, oil tank and controls bolt right back in their original positions.

NOTE: A Paughco tech will contact you by phone to verify build specs (Engine type, Rear Brake setup, and Extra's). Build to order frames ship in 4 - 6 weeks from build spec verification date (not order date).

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