Oil Tank Mounting Hardware And Brackets

Everything you need to complete your oil tank installation.

212 Clutch cable bracket for electric start models (bent up)

212A Clutch cable bracket for kickstart models (bent down)

502 Battery hold downs (sold in pairs) OEM 66390-58 and 66393-58

502A Chrome battery top cover for 6-volt batteries (OEM 66373-54TA)

524 Battery plate bracket for use w/ Paughco#749 (bolts to fender) OEM 62585-36

749 Oil tank mounting bracket and battery tray for rigid frames and 1958–1964 swingarm frames (OEM 62575-36)

749-1 Same Paughco #749 but for Paughco #’s 746T, 746TF, 748T and 748TF oil tanks

749A Battery support bracket (OEM 62584-58)

749A1 Oil tank mounting bracket for 1984–1999 Softails (OEM 62704-84)

749A2 Oil tank mounting bracket for 1984–1999 Softails (OEM 62707-84)

749B Oil tank base plate spacers (sold in pairs) OEM 62581-36

749C Hardware kit for the rear of Paughco #’s 749 and #749-1 (sold in pairs) OEM 2404

749D Hardware kit for the front of Paughco #’s 749 and #749-1 (sold in pairs) OEM 4013

Choose from the two most popular sizes. Sold in packs of 3.

525-312 With 5/16"-18 x 3/4" studs both ends

525-250 With 1/4"-20 x 1/2" studs both ends


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