Lower End Spacers, Washers, And Bushings

Sold each.

1700 Steel washer for 1941–early 1970 Big Twin flywheels (OEM 23973-41)

1705 Thin pinion shaft bearing spacer for 1940–1957 Big Twins (OEM 24695-40)

1706 Thick sprocket shaft spacer for 1937–1954 Big Twins (OEM 24781-36)

1707 Pinion shaft spacer (with locater) for 1940–1950 Big Twins (OEM 24690-40)

1708 Sprocket shaft spacer (without locator) for 1940–1957 Big Twins (OEM 24779-40)

1709 Pinion shaft spring for 1941–1969 Big Twins (OEM 24699-37)

1710 Gear shaft bearing seal ring for 1940–1953 Big Twins (OEM 24697-40)

1711 Breather screen for 1941–1969 OHV Big Twins (OEM 25275-36)

1712 Breather screen separator for 1941–1969 OHV Big Twins (OEM 25279-36)

Lower End Bushings
Sold each.

1100 Inner cam bushing for 1936–1957 OHV Big Twins (OEM 25597-36)

1101 Outer cam bushing for 1936–1969 OHV Big Twins (OEM 25581-36)

1102 Gear cover pinion shaft bushing for 1936–1954 OHV Big Twins (OEM 25582-36)

1103 Gear cover pinion shaft bushing for 1955–early 1973 Big Twins (OEM 25582-54)

1103A Gear cover pinion shaft bushing for late 1973–1992 Big Twins (OEM 25582-73)

1104 Gear cover pinion shaft bushing for 1937–1973 45" engines (OEM 25593-37)

1105 Gear cover pinion shaft bushing for 1937–1948 side valve Big Twins (OEM 25591-37)

1202 Outer cam bushing for 1937–1973 45" engines, and for the #1, #3 and #4 cams in 1952–2004 K-models and Sportsters. Also fits all four cams in the crankcase of 1991–1994 Sportsters (OEM 25586-37)

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