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Leaf Spring Fork Assembly Axles and Components

These fork assemblies were brought back to life by Kiwi-Indian motorcycles and are upgraded from the original forks built back in the 20’s and 30’s. They’re made from special, swaged one-piece 1-1/4" heavy-wall (.187") tubing for the rear leg, along with 3/4" heavy-wall (.120") for the front leg. The forward spring support legs are solid 3/4" mild steel bar. The rockers have been upgraded with Paughco’s special high-strength, self lubricating space-tech cast nylon bushings, for long and reliable service. The forks measure 20"-long from the bottom of the stem to the front axle, and fit on most stock length Harley-type frame necks with 1" bearings. Front wheels from 16" to 21" with 3/4"-diameter axles can be easily fitted, and can be set up with single or dual disc brakes. You get your choice of top clamps..... with ears for Dog Bone risers, or without ears for Glide-style risers. Also included are the cap and crown nuts. Available in chrome, black, and polished copper finishes, these Leaf Spring Fork Assemblies will make any custom bike stand out in a parking lot.


177-1 Axle assembly for use when brakes are not desired

177A1 Axle assembly for dual disc Performance Machine brake kits

177A2 Axle assembly for single disc Performance Machine brake kits

177HM Headlight mount (includes Paughco #527E-1 and hardware)


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