1" Handlebars For Paughco Springers

These 1"-diameter handlebars are styled after those first seen on Knuckleheads, but dimpled for modern handlebar controls. They replace the top tree on all Paughco Springers (except N181SD or NS181SD Springers for 2004-up Dyna Glides and Sportsters) and early Harley-Davidson in-line Springers (pre-1988). They measure 36" from end-to-end, with a 5" rise and a 6" pullback, and the ‘Hollywood’ handlebars have an integral crossbar, while the ‘Speedster’ handlebars do not.

H160-1B Black ‘Speedster’ handlebars

H160-1C Chrome ‘Speedster’ handlebars

H160-2B Black ‘Hollywood’ handlebars

H160-2C Chrome ‘Hollywood’ handlebars

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