DirtyBiker 2-1 Ironhead Exhaust

DirtyBiker X Paughco Exhaust
(PRE-ORDER-ships in 4-8 weeks more details coming soon.)

This is a two piece 2-1 exhaust designed by Josh “DirtyBiker” Sheehan and produced by Paughco. The goal with this version was to create another signature “DirtyBiker” exhaust for the H-D Ironheads in rigid and swingarm frames. Fits 1957-1985 except 1979 engines in rigid frmaes and 1977-1985 except 1979 in swingarm frames. With a tip of the hat to Dick Allen and the Alphabet co. It was time for that classic exhaust style to make a comeback. Ironhead’s rule, so does this exhaust. I hope you dig it too.

Here’s what it will fit:
•1957-1985 except 1979 in rigid frames

1977-1985 except 1979 in swingarm frames

Here’s what it won’t fit:

*The second location is from the back side of the exhaust collector to the lower frame rail in front of the axle plate. You can do this one of two ways. Either weld a mounting tab to the lower frame rail, or use the mounting kit offered by Paughco (possible option coming soon). You might need to modify a tab to fit, but you’re a chopper dude/dudette. I have faith in you!

100% made in house at Paughco. 100% American made. 1000% DirtyBiker shit.

T-bolts are included to use with slider channels welded on exhaust system.

NOTE: If you have questions regarding your order and eta status, email the team at paughco@paughco.com and don't forget to include your 4-digit order number.

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