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Brake Pedals And Backing Plates For 1983-1999 FXWG And FX Softail Models


200C2 Master cylinder plunger for 1983–early 1987 FX Softails and FXWG (also works with Paughco brake pedal and backing plate combinations on this page) OEM’s 42448-82A and 42522-82

200D Backing plate for custom applications with 1"-diameter frame tubes

200E Backing plate for 1983–1986 FXWG, 1984–1985 FX Softails, and custom applications with 11/8"-diameter frame tubes (OEM 42507-82)

200F Backing plate for late 1987–1999 FX Softails (OEM’s 42507-87 and 42507-89A)

200G Backing plate for 1986–early 1987 FX Softails (OEM 42507-86)

201E Brake pedal for 1984–1999 FX Softails and 1983–1986 FXWG (also works with Paughco backing plates on this page) OEM 42515-82

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