Build Your Own Pipe Sets
The ‘Build Your Own Pipe’ program features comprehensive kits that include everything you need to fabricate your own 1¾"-diameter custom exhaust system. Drawing on their many years of experience, the guys in the Paughco pipe bending shop came up with these combinations of tubing sections for each engine type. The Shovelhead kit includes weld-on flanges for stock HD heads, and weld-on 3-bolt flanges for S.T.D. aftermarket cylinder heads. Evolution Big Twin and Sportster engines and Twin Cams. 

Part # and Description

719BYOP Iron Sportster (View pictured chart for what's included)

721BYOP Panhead  (View pictured chart for what's included)

723BYOP Shovelhead and STD cylinder heads  (View pictured chart for what's included)

731BYOP  Evolution Big Twin, Sportster engines, and Twin Cams  (View pictured chart for what's included)

50BYOP The Ultimate builders set. Fits all of the above except STD flange setups. check out what's in the box, listed below!

24” 2pcs
12” 2pcs

30 2pcs
40 2pcs
45 2pcs
60 2pcs
75 2pcs
160 2pcs

Ironhead sportster 2pcs
Panhead 2pcs
Shovelhead Flange 2pcs
Evolution 2pcs

Baffles 2pcs
button head screws 2pcs
Sliders 2pcs
T-bolts 2pcs
Heatshield 2pcs
Fishtips 2pcs
Goose cut drag 1pcs
flared tip 2pcs
Sleeves. 10pcs

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