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Rear Axle Kits And Components For Paughco Rigid Frames

3/4"-diameter axle kits and components for most Paughco Sportster and Big Twin rigid frames.

26RK Fits Paughco RS120E-series rigid frames with disc brakes for 2004-up rubber-mounted Sportster engines (not shown)

26CK Fits Paughco rigid frames with drum brakes and stock swingarms on 1952 thru 1978 Sportsters (not shown)

26K Fits Paughco rigid Sportster frames with disc brakes and rigid Big Twin mechanical brake frames (1013/16"-long)

26AK Fits Paughco rigid frames with rear belt drive and disc brakes (12"-long)

26BK Fits Paughco rigid Big Twin frames with rear chain drive (9." between the axle plates is needed) 1013/16"-long

26SWK Fits Paughco Swedish wide rigid Sportster frames with disc brakes (12"-long)
not shown

26WK Fits Paughco custom wide rigid frames (12."-long)

26XK Fits Paughco custom extra-wide rigid frames (14."-long)

Special Notes:
1) Axle lengths are meas ured from the bottom of the nut to the end of the threads.

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