Axle Components For HD Front Forks

32C Flat washer for Paughco #’s 27, 27A, 27B, 27C and 28 axles (OEM’s 6591 and 6590HW) 

32C1 Lockwasher for Paughco #’s 27B and 27C axles (OEM 7068) 

32C2 Lockwasher for Paughco #29 axle. Fits early Sportsters (OEM 7067) 

33B Stock Springer front axle spacer for 1936–1948 EL, FL, UL models (OEM 43884-36)


32A Fits Paughco #37-series sleeves (OEM 43886-30)

32B Fits Paughco #’s 27, 27A and 28 axles (OEM 7923) 

32B1 Fits Paughco #’s 27B and 27C axles (OEM 7845)

32D Fits Paughco #29 axle on early Sportsters (OEM 43886-52) 


37 Brake side front axle sleeve for 1949–1966 EL and FL models (OEM 43882-48)

37A Fits 1936–1948 EL, FL, UL models (OEM 43882-36)

37B Fits 1967–1972 FL models (OEM 43882-67)

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