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Paughco Suicide Clutch Pedals And Suicide Shifter

Parts For 45" And Big Twin Models

202 Suicide clutch pedal for Big Twin jockey shift when used with tin primaries ONLY

B202 Same as Paughco #202 except gloss black

202-1 Early-style suicide clutch pedal for Big Twin jockey shift

202A Clutch rod for suicide clutch pedals (20"-long) OEM 36918-52

202B Clutch rod for mousetrap linkage (22"-long) OEM 36917-36

202C Rod clevis for HD foot clutch (OEM 36916-36)

202D Rod clevis for Paughco #202 pedal and suicide rod (7/16" I.D.) OEM 36916-52

210 Jockey shift arm with threads for standard HD or custom ball, to fit all 1936–1964 Big Twins with hand shift transmission top, and all 45" models (bolts to the transmission shift lever shaft)

210A Jockey shift for 45" two wheelers or trikes

210B Jockey shift lever for ratchet lid on 4-speed Big Twins to early 1979

210C Lever stud for hand shift (OEM 33776-47)

210D Lever stud and bushing for hand shift (OEM 33775-37)

210E Shift gate mounting bolt (OEM 33822-36)

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